Holiday Renovation Ideas to Get It Done On Time For Less

Top Holiday Renovation Ideas

Planning to get your home ready for the holiday season? The fall weather is here and Canadians know Christmas is just around the corner. We also know we need our homes looking perfect for the holidays. Renovating your kitchens, bathrooms, or flooring can be a great start.

But why renovate during the holiday season?

Renovating your home around the holiday season may seem counterintuitive but it’s actually a great superb idea. Not only does it help save you money but it prepares your home for the harsh winter months.

With a little planning and research, you can make the best of the holidays. And this article will help you do just that. Here are some renovation considerations from flooring experts in Mississauga, Ontario, including how to manage your holiday renovations.

Top Holiday Renovation Ideas to Inspire You (And How to Get Them Right)

Holiday renovations can help you save money, if you do them the right way. Here are some holiday renovation ideas and tips on how you can complete them on time.

Why Choose the Holiday Season For Your Renovation?

According to reports, the reason behind most Canadians home renovation is to improve quality of life. While any home renovation adds value to your property, that’s not often the motivating factor ; saving money is. But how?

  • There is a chance of better pricing from contractors. As the holiday season draws near, contractors are under immense pressure to finish projects. The lull between November and Christmas is when homeowners can expect to make better negotiations.
  • The holiday season means discounts, sales, and other offers, so there is a greater chance of getting materials for less. This will in turn lower your renovation costs. Keep your eyes peeled at your local home improvement company to snag a good deal.
  • There is a better chance of timely renovation, as contractors want to finish on time. However, this requires proper planning, which we will discuss later.
  • Get your home winter-ready. Making energy-saving renovations such as repairing cracks and installing vinyl floors to improve insulation are things to consider.


  • Install New Flooring

Is there broken tile in your bathroom, or is battered carpet dampening your holiday spirit? Then it is time to make a change.

Replacing your old flooring is a great way to add value to your home and increase its aesthetic appeal.

Do you love hardwood floors or are you looking for a more affordable option? Consider three factors: personal needs, budget, and lifestyle. They should be governing factors when selecting your dream floor. It doesn’t matter if you are installing vinyl, laminate, or tile; it should suit your lifestyle and not tax your finances.

According to studies, 58% of Canadian homeowners are planning to renovate their home in the next two years. It is better to get the necessary changes done before they start affecting your lifestyle, which is why it’s best to hire a professional installation company to get the desired results.

Also, if you have a commercial space and need new flooring, the holidays are the perfect time to do that. Since installing new flooring is a time-consuming process, the holidays are the perfect time to get the work done, as most of your employees will be on leave.


  • Get Functional and Stylish Interior Doors

Sometimes changing up little things can make a big difference. Case in point: changing your interior door. Believe it or not, interior doors can transform your space. There are bi-fold, French doors, hollow-core, solid- core doors, among many other options.

Beyond adding style, a new interior door can make your space more functional. For instance, adding a sliding door in your work area can add privacy but also a stylish touch without taking up too much space. They are perfect for adding soundproofing and, to an extent, insulation.

  • Install A Stunning Backsplash

The holiday season is the best time to upgrade different areas of your home. Changing your backsplash or installing a new one can make your kitchen more functional as well as easy on the eyes.

Since the kitchen is often humid, it is best to choose a waterproof material. Your backsplash protects your kitchen wall from constant exposure to oils, water, and other cooking substances. Not only does it add value to your home, but it has long-term benefits.

  • Add Storage and Style With a New Vanity

Your bathroom should cater to your needs so it should be functional. This makeover is relatively simple if you are not looking to change the plumbing.

Installing a vanity or vanity column not only provides plenty of space but also adds a stylish touch to your bathroom. The holidays are a great time to shop for bathroom vanities since you will find a lot of discounts. Hire help if you are unable to install the vanity yourself.

  • Create a  Lovely Outdoor Space

The holidays offer the perfect time for some outdoor renovations. Adding a new patio, deck, or sunroom is a great way to expand your living space, while installing lovely mosaic tile flooring can prove to be a wonderful investment.

The relatively cold months are a good time to pay attention to your home’s outdoor spaces. If you’ve always wanted a bow or bay window, now’s a great time to add those elements. Is there anything more festive than adding a lovely seat and looking at your Christmas tree?

How to Manage Holiday Renovations Like a Pro

The holidays are a busy time, and it can be tricky to manage everything – but not if you keep these things in mind.

  • Plan Your Project Early

Timing is everything when planning a holiday renovation, so don’t wait a week before Christmas to schedule your renovation. Spend time pinpointing the areas you need to work on.

Arranging a party? Then speak to your contractor at least a week in advance to ensure the workers are off-site during that period. It is important to anticipate the situation and communicate properly with your contractor/designer to avoid hassles.

Maybe you require new flooring or trims for your living space. No matter how big or small the project, plan early. With a little extra work, you can manage the celebration and your floor renovation in the Christmas season.

  • Contact a Reputable Contractor

Get in touch with a well-regarded contractor or home renovation company in your area. Be proactive and plan out your remodel with your contractor beforehand. Don’t wait until the day your guests arrive.

If you are new to home renovations, hire a professional to plan out your schedule for the holiday remodel. Work with your contractor to schedule deliveries and devise a work plan. Communicate with them regarding your needs.

For instance, if you require your hardwood floors installed the day before Christmas, then make sure to arrange that with your contractor weeks in advance.

  • Order Your Supplies in Advance

Getting new flooring? Anticipate delays, especially if there is a lot of snow or if supplies have met with pandemic-related shipping delays. So, make sure to order supplies in advance. A well-timed and successful project requires many considerations.

To help you save money, keep an eye out for sales and offers on the materials you want. There are lots of home renovation items on sale during the holiday season, so make sure to grab them early.

  • Create Storage for Tools and Equipment

You want to halt your project around Christmas time, as renovations can get in the way of entertaining. Sounds reasonable, but at the same time, you want to find space to store tools and supplies.

Speak to your contractor about where they can store supplies. This will reduce the risk of accidents when hosting parties and minimize damage to equipment.

  • Be Understanding with Holiday Remodels

Instead of feeling frustrated that your house is in disarray, why not find a different place to celebrate? Always be respectful towards your contractor and their team, so, as mentioned, plan your schedule in advance. This way, unnecessary frustrations can be avoided. After all, it’s their holiday season too.

Holiday remodels can be exciting as well as challenging. But nothing is impossible if planned right. Plan in advance and create a schedule that works best for you. The holiday season is a great way to save money on materials and renovation charges. To get the best deals shop online with a good home renovation store Toronto. Always make sure to buy good quality products and choose a reputable installation service for desired results.

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