Top 7 Ways To Protect Your Home When You Are Travelling During Holidays

Protect Your Home

There couldn’t be anything that uplifts the Christmas spirits more than a good old Christmas holiday. This is the time to make a checklist, packing, and merriment loads.

Nothing excites us more than a vacation!

But, within all this delightful chaos, we tend to forget one thing. What about our home security? An empty house is like a ring of fire for all the suspicious invasion activities. We cannot help but fear a break-in when no one is there to supervise the home.

But is it really no one? Yes, there might not be a living body protecting the house. But, there can be smart devices lodged all around the house, which will not only help you get a peaceful vacation but also keep the intruders away since the setting is pretty intimidating.

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These are the seven reasons, as mentioned by experts themselves, which can help you protect your house’s valuable possessions when you are not there. These are must-have settings you should put first in your checklist.

1. Install Motion Sensor

When you are not here to protect your house, then the house has to be smart on its own. This can only be done by installing some good motion sensors for your house perimeter as well as the windows and doors inside.

Suppose you get a good professional home security installer, Smith Thompson. Smith Thompson let’s you spot some of the weak spots, which generally are the targets of intruders. These could be the backyard with hedges, or the equipment room, or the love driveway, which are good hiding places.

If you are planning a vacation and have thought professionally about setting up these security measures, this could be the best time. You will be able to get to the vacation with a peaceful and secure mind.

2. Continue The Maintenance

Do you have regular maintenance going on in your house? Like the lawn cutter clearing the yards, or someone cleaning the pool, or a gardener looking after the plants outdoors? Well, your first instinct would be to dismiss them for the time being, but you shouldn’t.

The regular visits of these maintenance guys can make your home look less empty. Plus, if there is a burglar targeting your house, these changes in regular routine are the first thing that they will notice.

Therefore, continuing these maintenances will give them fewer things to suspect.

3. Pause The Mail & Newspaper

Most of the time, you forget to pause these services because of all the other existing lists you are so keen to check. But there is nothing suspicious than a piled-up newspaper bundle near your door and a mailbox full of mails.

Suppose any suspicious invader is keeping track of your house and wondering if it is empty. This will be the first and final sign. Therefore, it is mandatory to stop these services to give an authentic illusion that your house isn’t empty.

You rather get a good security installer to set smart home security, and the sign that they will be giving for your front yard can cause quite some intimidation.

4. Have A Home Monitor System

Another efficient smart home security system that can help you literally help you monitor the place effectively, even when you are not at home. These are cameras installed in some corners, and additionally, you can also monitor the footage from your cellular device.

Now, sitting in your hotel room, you can check your house for any suspicious activities. You can even go a step higher and get your camera motion censored. In this way, you even get a notification for the times any motion is detected.

5. Have Timers For Indoor Lights

With the advent of advanced technology, you can now have smart lights. The way they work is through a scheduled system. These schedules can be done over the phone. Therefore you can schedule time for the lights to be switched on.

When it comes to protecting your house, the goal is not to make it look empty. This is simply going one step ahead. You can schedule a time at night when your lights go on. Many things can be prevented if your house is a target of such invasion activities.

6. Post On Social Media, Post Vacation

Yes, it is tempting to post all your beautiful holiday vacation pictures all over the internet. But, if someone is planning to break into your house, they are probably keeping track of your social media accounts as well.

For the safety of your house, post the pictures once you are safely back at home for its safety. This will allow you the merry time to post all your pictures, and at the same time, protect your valuables when you are not home.

Posting pictures shouldn’t be your priority; enjoying the vacation is.

7. Leave A Key With A Friend

If you haven’t heard this enough, then hear it again.

Do not leave a spare key somewhere concealed around the perimeters of your house. You might have found the best place, but it can still be discovered by a burglar who has done this before.

It is rather advised to keep a spare key with the people in the neighborhood or a close friend.

Firstly, you won’t have to leave a key outside, which can be so dangerous.

Second, if there is any task like watering the plants inside, then it could be done by someone more trustworthy than an outsider.

This might be the last point, but it is definitely a priority because having a key is the strongest weapon in any break-in.

Final Note

Experts suggest these points above to keep your house safe during a vacation. Do these things way before the vacation date because you will be busier with other things as it comes closer.

So, before you start packing, ensure that your home is safe once you leave.

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