Tips to Protect Hardwood Flooring from Your Christmas Tree

Tips to Protect Hardwood Flooring from Your Christmas Tree

Easy Tips to Protect Your Hardwood Flooring from Your Christmas Tree

With Christmas fast approaching, many Ontario homeowners face a familiar dilemma: to subject their hardwood floors to a real Christmas tree or not.

Nothing says Christmas like a real Douglas fir or Scotch pine, many of which are exported from Quebec? But if you have hardwood flooring in your Toronto or Mississauga home, you need to take some precautions.

Many homeowners are hesitant to place a real Christmas tree on their beautiful hardwood floors. After all, they do not want to damage them.

Fortunately, a new Christmas tree and hardwood floors can mix – if you follow these simple but effective tips.

Let’s take a look at what they are.

Tips to Protect Your Hardwood Flooring in Mississauga and Toronto

Hardwood floors are an investment. That is why maintaining them should be a priority. With these tips, you can learn to take care of your hardwood floors the right way.

But, first, what do you need to watch out for?

  • Water: A real Christmas tree needs access to water. Otherwise, it will become dry. The best way to ensure your Christmas tree stays fresh and vibrant is to give it constant access to water. Of course, that means potential risk from water spills. Without proper drainage, water can leak from the base of the tree, leading to your hardwood floors swelling. It will also damage their shine.
  • Sap: Sap can leave a sticky residue on hardwood floors. This can be difficult to clean and can even trap debris, which may further damage the hardwood flooring in your Mississauga or Toronto home.
  • Pine Needles: Fallen pine needles are an inevitable part of real Christmas trees. These needles can then get trapped in your shoes, which may lead to scratches wherever you go.

Now that you know the main risks, here is how you can prepare your home.

  1. Start to Prepare

Planning and preparation can have major payoffs. First, clean your floors, as a Christmas tree on dirty wooden floors is a recipe for damage. No matter which type of protective covering you use, dust and debris can leave scratches that may get worse when you place a heavy Christmas tree on top.

Start by vacuuming your floors and laying down a tree stand mat. Put down a towel and place the tree stand on top of it to provide a soft surface for the tree to be placed on.

  1. Wrap the Tree

Moving your Christmas tree is a big task. It is also a potential scratch hazard for the hardwood flooring in your Mississauga or Toronto home.

Before you move the tree, it is best to wrap it up. To reduce the damage risk to your floors, shake the needles from the tree as much as possible. Then, clean the floors again before bringing the tree into your home. Note: it is best to use a tree mat even with artificial trees.

  1. Use Tree Skirts

Whether you have a real or artificial Christmas tree, chances are they are going to lose some of their needles and scratch your precious hardwood. This is why you need a tree skirt. These can be a regular tablecloth, a plastic sheet, or a store-bought one. This help minimizes the needles’ contact with your floors.

  1. Mind the Needles

Fallen needles are inevitable with real Christmas trees but won’t necessarily damage your hardwood floors. Stepping on them and dragging them around, though, will. That’s why you need to manage your needles as they fall by vacuuming them up.

Pro-tip: This is not just for residential floors. This is also applicable to commercial environments. But it is best to learn how to maintain your commercial flooring during the holiday season for the best results.

If you take these simple but much-needed precautions, you can protect the hardwood flooring in your Toronto or Mississauga home, or wherever you are. Holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy with family and friends, and with a little planning, you can protect your hardwood floors. Have questions regarding hardwood flooring in Mississauga or Toronto? Contact your nearest home improvement store.