The Ultimate Moving Checklist: How to prepare for your move!

Moving Checklist

Moving is a stressful process. It can be expensive, time-consuming, and exhausting. The list of things you need to do before the big day can seem never-ending at times.

This article will break down the ultimate moving checklist that you need when preparing to move into your new property!

The 8 weeks break down moving list, even saying that you think to yourself I wasn’t even planning that far ahead. Short and to the point is what you need when moving properties, this is a guide to get you organized and give you a better understanding of how easy the process can be when you plan ahead! 

Before the Move

8 Weeks 

if you’ve decided to move, it’s time to start checking things off your to-do list. this is best 8 weeks prior to moving out as you can spread out the responsibility into manageable steps, this reduces the chances that you will feel overwhelmed or miss critical items on your checklist.

whether you’ve already sold your property and found your new house or still looking for a place, you would want to do this as soon as possible; a few tips on what to get ready at this stage:

  • create a moving folder – printing out all necessary documentation and lists to check off, organizing all documentation from bills, to furniture, vital and valuable documents.
  • Research moving companies Find a moving company with reputable reviews that are close to your area and are able to deliver to your new location. 
  • Room by room Create an inventory for each room, allocating a certain colour for each room and places this colour on each box when packing.

6 Weeks 

The last two weeks have been about the organisation, now it’s time to dive a little deeper, now it’s all about narrowing down the finer details of all supplies needed for the move. 

  • Research – Continue researching or finalise the moving company if you have not yet done so. 
  • Moving Boxes – finding free moving boxes from your local stores, purchasing ones are easily accessible, but could be an unnecessary expense. 
  • Labels – Create labels associated with each room with selected colour coding. 
  • Pictures – Taking pictures of all your valuables in case you would need to claim in the event of loss or damage.
  • Storage unit If you have to move your belongings prior and are unable to move items into the new property as it might still be occupied, reserving a storage unit now would be best. 

4 Weeks 

The one-month count down begins! the next two weeks are about booking movers, finalising paperwork, and gathering the supplies. 

  • Coverage – Organise and pay that little extra for moving coverage, always be prepared. 
  • New Home Supplies – Create a list and order any new supplies needed for the new property, it’s an opportunity to refresh your lifestyle. 
  • Utility Providers – Contacting the internet, tv, and utility providers to arrange for service at the new property, after all, you don’t want to be moved in and not be able to relax and watch tv after a long day of unpacking! 

Remember to update your checklist as the weeks go by. 

2 Weeks 

Not long now, the goal for the next week is to update all contact information and finalise moving day logistics.

Change address – Give everyone a new address update or cancel subscriptions if needed and arrange to have your mail forwarded to the new address with your post office. 

  • Confirm moving dates confirming any information and dates with any services you will be using during the move, make sure to add all information to your folder to easily access on the day of the move. 
  • Begin Packing – The most important part of the list. Make sure to have all your inventory completed, such as packing boxes, color-coded labels for each room, and that you have identified all valuables. Now Start Packing! 
  • Babysitter Moving day can be long and tedious, so having kids and pets running around can delay the process, organize with family or friends to entertain them for the day until everything is completed.

1 Week 

The final stretch, from collecting all the keys, to packing a 24-hour moving kit, the goal now is to have everything ready for moving day.

  • Keys Gather all keys and place them in a safe location, as well as taking any measurements you might need for the door frames of your new property. 
  • Moving kit A 24-hour moving kit, basically an overnight bag of essentials, for e.g., clothes, toiletries such as toothbrush, hairbrush, shampoo soap, etc. Use this up until your move-in day so that you have everything ready at the last minute. 
  • Moving Day Logistics – Organize who will be helping on the day and what needs to be done when; finalize packing lists or create a new updated version if needed. 
  • Start Cleaning – Start by dismantling big furniture items and then going room by room and give a good deep clean throughout, after all, you would like that security deposit back and it’s always best to leave the house ready for the new family to move in.
  • Packing Supplies – Check off items on whether they are packed into boxes or bags using the colour code system to identify which room it belongs to. Identify the priorities to pack first. (don’t forget about those valuables!) And make sure to place all the packing supplies in an easy-to-access location.

Moving Day 

It’s Finally Here! if you’ve stuck to your checklist, you are ready for the day ahead. From waking up early to the final goodbyes, the goal is to move you into your new home!

  • No Snooze Time – set an alarm to wake up early and get the last-minute items organized as well as the family members in place of what needs to be done. 
  • Clear a Path – Once everything is packed and you’re ready for the movers make sure to clear the path for easy access from the house to the truck.
  • Finalize Paperwork – Double-check all information needed for movers and collect all paperwork from the company that they have your correct information. You don’t want to be caught in a scam! 
  • Be Available – Make sure if you are the one in charge of organizing everything that you are accessible for any queries that need to be clarified, provide new address and contact details if you are not around. 
  • Stay Fuelled & Hydrated – Depending on who is helping you on the day, the best thing you can do is make sure everything is ready to go for when they arrive. The second-best thing is to feed the masses, organizing pizza and drinks just as a quick thank you for all their help and to keep them going for the rest of the day. 

Once everything is packed up, do a final walk through the property, double-check that nothing was left behind and that everything is clean and presentable. 

Ready to hand in the keys. 

You are Finally at the new property! The next steps would be to unpack the new house, keep your checklist and all documentation for each room of inventories. This will make the unpacking process as simple and effective as packing it all up. 

Then sit back relax and enjoy your new home!

If you are still at the early stages of selling your property or a first home buyer and you are unsure of where to even begin the process. We are the property experts and will be happy to inform you of all services we have to offer to get you started on your journey.

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