6 Simple Home Design Ideas to Try This Summer

Home Design Ideas

With longer days and warmer temps, the summer is often a great time to spruce up your home. Many people tend to do a spring or summer cleaning, getting rid of unnecessary items and making the inside and outside of their home a bit brighter and more summery. If you’re looking for some simple home design ideas to try this summer, we’ve got you covered with a couple of quick, easy ways to transform any room from adding bright colors to bringing in summer frances with a candle bundle or fresh flowers.

Add Light, Bright-Colored Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a quick, easy addition to your living room, bedroom or outdoor seating area. If you want to brighten up a room without getting too involved in a painting project or home renovation, look for fun, summer throw pillows. You can choose sunshine colors like shades or yellow or floral pillow prints. Or, if you really want to lean into the summer theme, look for pillows with beach patterns or unique embroidery of flip flops or other images of summer. 

When it comes to throw pillows, don’t go overboard. Just two to four on a couch (depending on the size of the furniture) will suffice. Adding too many pillows can become burdensome, and you may find yourself wondering where to put them when guests want to sit on the couch.

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Bring Candles into Your Decor

Candles are an excellent simple way to brighten up home. They can work well in any room from the kitchen to the living room to the bathroom. Strategically place your candles in places where they can mitigate other potentially bad smells, such as near a litter box if you have a cat. But, you can still make these small items a part of the decor with unique tarot card candles or by using summery scents like beach candles or candles with the smell of freshly cut grass. Wherever you place your candles, keep a nice box of matches or a light nearby for easy access.

Bring Candles into Your Decor

Add Houseplants or Fresh Flower to the Mix

Nothing makes your home more summery than plants. If you’ve already got houseplant decorating your home, look for new varieties that thrive in the summer. Houseplants are a great addition to any home as they can elevate your mood.  

If you have an outdoor area, plant something new in your garden or yard. If you don’t want to be responsible for caring for a plant, check out realistic fake plants to give your home that same nature vibe without all the work. You can also opt to purchase or clip real flowers from outside and add them to vases on coffee and kitchen tables, side tables in the living room or outdoor patio areas. The colors of the flowers will brighten the room and add a bit of the outdoors inside.

Paint a Wall or Try Stick-On Wallpaper

If you’re looking to get a little bit more involved in a project, try painting one or more of your walls or use stick-on wallpaper that can peel right off. Painting walls white is the best way to ensure your room looks brighter, but if your house has a funkier vibe or you want to introduce more color into the decor, select a light, bright color that will match with your existing furniture and decorations. 

Light yellow or blue is an excellent choice for summer colors, but avoid any too dark. You can find stick-on wallpaper in single tones or you can find summery patterns. If you’re going to experiment with a pattern, either use it as an accent wall (a single wall in one room) or in your bathroom to avoid the print making the room look too busy.

Bring Floral Prints into Your House

Floral prints can easily be added to your home without using stick-on wallpaper. Look for floral print throw pillows, window curtains, hand towels or even sectional rugs. Florals look great in the summertime and can be found in print colors or more neutral tones to make the overall decor in your home.

Spruce up Your Patio, Porch or Sunroom

Summertime is the time to be outside soaking up the sun. If your home has an outdoor area or a sun, now is the time to give that area a little extra love. You can follow some of these other simple home designs ideas into your outdoor area or try something new like different colors outdoor furniture cushions. Hand painted plant pots and macrame plant hangers are great simple ways to liven your outdoor space.

Make All Your Home Design Dreams Come True This Summer

Get into the season this summer and add some fun, bright colored decor. It can be as simple as adding plants and flowers to your home or a bit more involved like adding stick-on wallpaper or painting an accent wall. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to love these simple home design ideas to try this summer. Happy decorating!

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